Techno Academy #9 Basic Training Marine Survey

Techno Academy #9 Basic Training Marine Survey

Global Marine Trends 2030 published by Qinectic with Lloyd Register and University of Strathclyde, states the massive and rapid growing maritime industry will also be able to drive world markets and in particular will increase the economy in logistic throughout the region.

Along with the forecasting of growing logistical activities in the near future, the demand for ship safety and reliable shipping as logistical infrastructure will also increase. As a result, qualified and competent marine surveyors are 
needed for this matter.

Marine Surveyor is someone who surveys, inspects, measures, assesses, examines, and reports to ensure the condition of the vessel complies with applicable regulations, both in terms of rules classification and statutory. Beside 
of that, marine surveyor also can surveys and investigates the damage that occurred in the ship and its cargo.

Referring to the explanation above, on this occasion, we proudly present Techno Academy “Basic Training Marine Survey” which aims to prepare human resources who have the insight and competence to become a marine surveyor.

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